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Notice the drop?

The site was put up for an update right before the pandemic hit the economy. All the content marketing efforts were put on pause. Being a luxury eCommerce business, the site took a massive hit. I say, bad timing!

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One of my clients rejected a blog post that I'd written for their marketing business

I had spent hours creating the perfect outline, putting together all the research and the talking points needed for it to hit their ideal buyer persona. But what was initially accepted was later rejected because it "didn't match standards."


Now, I had been writing for them for quite some time and they always found something to nitpick. Being a professional content marketer, I took care of their criticisms. But this time, I refused to make the changes.


My instincts and knowledge told me otherwise. When they refused to trust my judgment, I decided it was time to make it happen on my own.


  • I got the post published in Hacker Noon's Top Stories section among the other lucky 3.37% of articles without any edits.

  • In just 4 days, the article began ranking on 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions for 4 different keyword combinations. 

  • My article is competing with Harvard Business Review and the New York Times. 

  • The post has been featured on the #1 news app in the U.S. that generates 20m+ readers.

Here's proof of the article that's potentially being read by 24m+ readers right now.

A new client asked me to write a basic blog post but I had other plans

When they told me I was free to choose any topic, my mind quickly went to the MacBook launch that I was watching on my MacBook.


I checked Google Trends to see what was up with the world and what have you? Apple was trending. It all seemed to click. 


I did some more research and found that not many people were happy with Apple's recent launches and THAT gave me the idea to write a sorta kinda negative-positive piece on why people are still buying Apple. 


  • In 24 hours, the long-form blog post became a top story after getting picked by the local news. 

  • It started ranking for 4 long-tail search terms on Google.

  • The client's site is already attracting more visitors through the piece. 

Here's a little about whom I work with

Because I spend hours (days - depending on the TAT) on research before putting my ideas into words, I only work with brands that are goal-driven and have a specific vision for their business.

We're a good fit if you:

  • Are looking for a strategic content expert and consultant and not a freelancer/an employee.

  • Enjoy experimenting with your posts to get the best possible results.

  • Know your target audience very well. 

  • Prefer long-term results over a short-lived spike.

  • Are willing to invest in my services to see the desired outcome. 


I work with software and marketing brands to transform their content.

I started writing because I was bullied for my poor English skills. That was 6 years ago.

Ever since then, I have written for more than 100 brands, mastered content SEO, analyzed the psychology behind making sales, and worked on a variety of brands to fill the knowledge and content gap among their audiences.

Not only can I give your brand a voice, but I also have a bachelor's degree in English, and a PGDM in Advertising and Marketing Communications to back my expertise. 

Each blog post is fact-based and unique to your audience to help you rank above your competitors. My content is actionable and backed by research. No fluffy, nonsensical, poorly researched posts here. Sorry. 

Now that you know what I can do,

I got a rejected blog post to rank on the first page of Google

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My work became a top story in 24 hours