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See proof of how I got a rejected article to feature on the first page of Google for 4 different keyword combinations and how it's competing with Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. Check out the article that's being read on sites that generate 24m+ monthly readers

Bonus: I wrote an article on Apple's marketing strategies and it became a top story in 24 hours and got picked up by the local news.  


Can you guess the no.1 trick to instantly repel potential buyers?


Try saying you put your "customers first" and see the magic happen.

The Rational Consumer

Buyers are tired of hearing/reading the same words from every business.

So, when it comes to content, you need to innovate.

Enter content marketing!

a.k.a. my über efficient 'engage to convert model' that's designed to effectively deliver information and encourage your audience to take action.  

So, why don't we ditch the buzzwords and get real with your customers?

A good content marketer can take your website from a few thousand visitors to 307,698 monthly visitors.

​Direct 80% organic traffic to a website with awesome SEO practices.


Take a website from 0 to 1500 organic visitors in 3 months without any paid marketing.


Increase engagement from 0 to 30% in one month.

Reduce the bounce rate by 13% while maintaining a less than 5% average bounce rate for 3 months.

But what does that mean for you?

Higher rank

More traffic

More business

Here's proof of the results I can generate for your business.

The truth is, you can't do everything on your own. So, when you need results without going through the painstaking process of research, planning, and execution, you can simply work with me.


I'll help you generate more views, rank higher, and be remembered for the right reasons - creating value in your customers' lives.

Content Marketing

Stop flushing your money down the drain by investing in futile content marketing practices. Here's a surefire way of ranking higher and improving your business' visibility online.

Get results from content marketing in 60 days
Ace Content Marketing in 60 Days With Simran Malhotra

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"Make content marketing simple"

"I have had the opportunity to observe Simran’s work ethic on a daily basis and she has done a notable job of ensuring the quality of content put up on both our websites. Her abilities to work independently and understand our content needs make her an excellent selection."

—  Obaidullah Babar, Co-founder (Pure Passion)

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