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Content Marketing
Simran Malhotra (Content Marketer)

Simran Malhotra


Increase your site traffic in 60 days with engaging SEO content 🚀

Optimize your content budget and get better ROI on your blog content using my proven engage-to-convert model.

You want

More traffic
More high ranking content
More authority in the market

Simran Malhotra (Content Marketer)

I write a series of well-researched, strategic long-form blog posts, which help you improve your visibility and conversion opportunity, to get hard-hitting results that matter.
Like these...

6k to 300,000+ site visitors

My engage-to-convert model has taken an Indian eCommerce company to 307,698 monthly visitors in 12  months

Multiple top ranking posts

I have had my content compete with Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and The New York Times for the #1 position

80% organic traffic

With me, you can acquire organic traffic purely using Google-approved content marketing and SEO practices

0 to 30% engagement

I have helped businesses rank for multiple long-tail keywords and improve their engagement rate in one month

When you work with me, I take care of

And help you keep your content fresh, targeted, and awesome so that you can get on Google's good side... with E-A-T, of course

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness and Google favours websites that incorporate it into their content marketing practices. That's why my blog posts are designed to position you as an authority in your industry, which allows your target audience to see you as a credible source of information and products/services.

Here's how:

Content Marketing

You can't sell to a market that doesn't know your value. 

Content marketing helps you establish your authority among the readers as well as Google. And the longer the posts, the higher your engagement.

Rank for the right keywords with me. 

Search-engine optimization

My keyword-focused articles aren't like the boring old content you find on most websites (thank goodness). My writing style is conversational and clear, and I bring a personality to your content that readers engage with. That’s why my clients have seen organic traffic increases of up to 5,000%!


Your website is a sales channel. By analyzing consumer behavior and obtaining insights, you can automate your sales with a strategic website copy. 


Whether you're launching a fresh website or refreshing it, get a copywriter who can be an asset in your arsenal. 

Strategy & Consultation

"What do I need?"

"How much will a professional content marketer cost?"

"What's the best way to achieve the results I want?"

If questions like these are bugging you and taking your focus off of your business, it's best to outsource the trouble to a content marketer. 

I have had the opportunity to observe Simran’s work ethic on a daily basis and she has done a notable job of ensuring the quality of content put up on both our websites. Her abilities to work independently and understand our content needs make her an excellent selection.

—  Obaidullah Babar, Co-founder (Pure Passion)

Be it Influencers or Startups or Unicorns or Forbes-rankers or Awwwards-winners, I've worked with 'em all 

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Want to know how I used content marketing, more specifically blog posts, to help my client grow from 6k to 300,000+ monthly site traffic in 12 months?

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