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This is what my goal-oriented, strategic content creation method looks like...

... one that's a disciplined process and involves a ton of research.

Wall of ideas

We find your goal

I'm a goal-digger! So, if you're investing in strategic content for your business, you must not only have a goal but also be clear about it.


So, we'll spend some time goal-digging, so we can jot down the exact results you want to achieve through your content.


We'll also explore your frequently experienced pain and struggles with content and learn more about your audience. 

      Submit a form or book a chat with me. 

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We conduct a jam session

Now, we'll schedule a call to create a roadmap of content creation.


Warning: You'll be flooded with questions.

We'll talk about your story, clients, current and potential target markets/groups, competitors, brand values, and beliefs. 


I'll also use this time to dive into your previous work to identify the possible areas for improvement, so we can create better content strategies moving forward. 


We'll conclude this session by establishing the number and frequency of the blog posts along with the word count, specific topics, and keywords you wish to target, preferred CTAs, and deadlines. 

      Sign an agreement

      Reserve your spot with a 50% deposit   


I write

Once we're done with the groundwork, I begin doing what I do best. 

I get into my comfort zone where I don't interact with anyone until I finish my work.


From creating striking outlines to optimizing every section of your article, I get back to you with content that'll help you rank higher and attract more visitors to your site within the agreed-upon deadline. 

Reviewing Images

You review (or critique, whichever you prefer)

To be honest, this is my most favorite part of content creation. There's nothing that constructive feedback and patience can't deliver. And that's why we resort to good ol' communication to get the most out of our time and your investment.

You enjoy 3 days to review my work and offer your remarks, comments, and criticisms (via Google Docs because it's so darn user-friendly). Together, we work on finding ways to eliminate them so that the content is more effective for your targeted audience.

Wall of ideas

We go live

And we wait for the results.  

Also, I send you a small exit survey, which basically allows me to get better at what I do, so you can have a better experience the next time we work together.

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And that's a wrap!
This epic content marketing process works well for small business branding and enterprise scaling alike.

Don't believe me? Check out the results.

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