Long-form blog posts are where I shine but I don't shy away from writing an occasional exceptionally good web copy that ranks higher on search engines and converts. 


Let these curb your curiosity.

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E&C Engineering - Website Copy

Task: Rewriting poorly written content and transforming it into grammatically correct and search engine optimised website pages. Clearly mentioning the business' primary service. 

Challenge: Incorporating nearly 20 keywords into 500-words each.

Solution: Writing each page with a goal-driven approach and including every piece of information about the company's history and services given by the client on all pages in a unique way.

NorthStar Wealth - Website Copy

Task: Creating a simple yet persuasive website copy.

Challenge: Introducing a new financial service in a skeptic market.


Solution: Thoroughly understanding consumer psychology towards a new way of investing money, interviewing the founder to get familiar with his expectations, and integrating the right words, which hit home, into the copy.

Ayur Elements - Website Copy

Task: Establishing authority in the herbal supplement market. 

Challenge: Convincing customers to buy non-FDA approved supplements.

Solution: Playing by the strengths. Highlighting the benefits and uses of Ayurveda over making herbal supplements the hero in the website copy.   

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