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With me, you can rank higher for short and long-tail keywords, increase your organic traffic, and acquire new users even if you've recently launched your website.

Ranking With Low Domain Authority

It's not your fault. It's just… Domain authority is powerful. But it is possible to rank your content even when the odds are against you.


How? Why, with well-written, nicely-researched, and authoritative content, of course!

Ranking with low domain authority
Ranking with high domain authority

Ranking With High Domain Authority

High domain authority sites get a ranking boost on Google. There's no need to worry about keyword stuffing or stressing over the other aspects of SEO – Google knows your content is top-notch.

Here's how I can leverage your site's high domain authority to generate some quality traffic for your primary online presence. 

Increasing Traffic With My Proven Engage-to-Convert Model

Increasing Traffic With My Proven Engage-to-Convert Model

My Engage-to-Convert Model is based on the hub-n-spoke framework, which allows you to put out authoritative content, build brand credibility, and improve conversions. 

By creating clusters of content that each teaches one single tip and then internally linking them together, you can encourage readers to explore deeper into your site, thereby increasing engagement on your site through rich, informative posts.

Now that you know what I can do, here's a little about with whom I work.

Because I spend hours (days - depending on the TAT) on research before putting my ideas into words, I only work with brands that are goal-driven and have a specific vision for their business.

We're a good fit if you:

  • are looking for a strategic content expert and consultant and not a freelancer/an employee.

  • enjoy experimenting with your posts to get the best possible results.

  • know your target audience very well. 

  • prefer long-term results over a short-lived spike.

  • are willing to invest in my services to see the desired outcome.

Sounds good? Let's talk!

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