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Ranking With High Domain Authority
High domain authority sites get a ranking boost on Google. There's no need to worry about keyword stuffing or stressing over the other aspects of SEO – Google knows your content is top-notch.

Here's how I can leverage your site's high domain authority to generate some quality traffic for your primary online presence. 

​I got a client's rejected blog post to rank on the first page of Google

I had spent hours creating the perfect outline, putting together all the research and the talking points needed for it to click with the client's ideal buyer persona. But what was initially accepted was later rejected because it "didn't match standards."


My instincts and knowledge told me otherwise. When they refused to trust my judgment, I decided it was time to make it happen on my own.

  • The post was published in Hacker Noon's Top Stories section among the other lucky 3.37% of articles without any edits.

  • In just 4 days, the article began ranking in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions for 4 different keyword combinations

  • My article is competing with Harvard Business Review and the New York Times

  • The post has been featured on the #1 news app in the U.S. that generates 20m+ readers.​

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 11_edited.jpg

Want this for your business?

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