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Increasing Traffic With My Proven Engage-to-Convert Model

The Engage-to-Convert Model is based on the hub-n-spoke framework, which allows you to put out authoritative content, build brand credibility, and improve conversions. 


By creating clusters of content that each teaches one single tip and then internally linking them together, you can encourage readers to explore deeper into your site, thereby increasing engagement on your site through rich, informative posts.

My Engage-to-Convert Model helped take a luxury eCommerce business from 6k monthly visitors to 307,698 monthly visitors in a span of 12 months!!

Notice the drop?

The site was put up for an update right before the pandemic hit the economy. All the content marketing efforts were put on pause. Being a luxury business, the site took a massive hit.

I say, bad timing!

The model can also help you generate 80% of organic traffic.
No paid marketing required!

The über efficient Engage-to-Convert Model is designed to effectively deliver information and encourage your audience to take action.

Stop flushing your money down the drain by investing in futile content marketing practices. Here's a surefire way of ranking higher and improving your business' visibility online.

Make content marketing work for you.
Get on Google's good side in 60 days

Want this for your business?

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